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CVRD Bounces Castle

After residents discovered neither the CVRD nor the SCS would pay for a bouncy castle at this year’s Saltair Easter Event, they raised $400 to pay for a bouncy castle.  Despite this, there was no bouncy castle at the event.  Director Dorey explained, “The application to the CVRD to allow the Easter Event to happen on their lands should be 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the event. The CVRD receives 30 to 40 of these events on their property per year and these groups have their applications in on time. Not so with the Saltair event.  That didn’t leave enough time to make adjustments in changing conditions with the bouncy castle third party insurance to cover the bouncy castle.”

It sounds like someone dropped the ball more than once.  What a shame!

Comment:  I just wanted to let the Saltair community know that all the fund raising efforts of bottles and cash that were not used for the Bouncey Castle (some insurance problem! ) went to the Harvest House Food bank for a total donation of $355!

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