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The “Remember Where – In Saltair?” Quilt

On the 25 Jun 2017, I attended the open house display of the “Remember Where – In Saltair?” Quilt, which commemorates Canada’s Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2017.  The amazing workmanship of many talented, quilting artisans made this quilt a historical gathering of Saltair locations and events on a lovely green background. It is a beautiful true reflection of Saltair, an area many of us call home.

A loud round of applause goes out to Doreen Wynne, Joyce Wasden, Lia Versaevel, Pat Trudel, Christa Stegemann, Jackie Miller, Susan Maycock, Barbara Langston, Eydie Gunn, Heather Derby, Bronwen Cossey, Mary Chuby and Cathie Charbonneau who created this masterpiece.  Painting pictures with fabric takes a very special talent and these ladies are clearly a very talented group.

A special wood frame was created to hang the quilt for viewing. Christa told me that it was done by someone from the area.

Area G – Saltair/Gulf Islands Grant in Aid donated $500 towards the creation of the quilt in 2016 but after talking to Christa it came to light that the quilt cost much more than the $500 and  the wood frame was $400. Bringing the total to approximately $1,000. The quilting group did not receive any grants other than the funds from the Saltair/Gulf Island taxpayers Grant in Aid funds of $500.

The quilt was a lovely way to capture the Saltair scenes to reflect the past and the present.

Thank you to all the ladies who created the Saltair “Quilt to commemorate Canada’s Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2017”

written by: Lynne Smith

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