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SCS Signs Lease and Service Agreement

In part, a recent post at states, “The Saltair Community Society is pleased to announce that an ‘Agreement for Services and a Building Lease have been signed with the CVRD. The agreement and lease term runs until December 31st, 2018. During this time, we will continue to work to achieve our goal of successfully operating the former Mount Brenton School now called “Saltair Community Centre” for the use and benefit of Saltair and area residents. The Society applied to the CVRD and was granted $10,000 in startup funds from Area G Saltair Tax Recreation budget 456. … An official Saltair Community Centre Building Facility Condition assessment is being conducted by CVRD staff and the final draft is scheduled to be completed by July 14th, 2017. The results will provide information for long term planning of the Centre.”’

Comment:  The Area G Director Mel Dorey has allocated $130,000 GasTax/CWF funds towards the Old School Building. He has also allocated $25,000 Gas Tax/CWF funds towards the Former Mt. Brenton School Building Assessment that is currently underway. The Gas Tax/CWF are sort of like the piggy bank of the local area director as the allocation of the funds are at his discretion.

Comment:  I thought the CVRD had already spent or approved $180,000 from Saltair tax and grant money for re-purposing the old school. Is this incorrect?

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