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Saltair Water System 2017 Upgrades

Saltair Water Advisory Committee 26 Aug 2017
Saltair Water Distribution System Upgrades on South Oyster School Rd and future 2017 Upgrades
The contract to upgrade the watermain on South Oyster School Road from Seavista to Bazan road is in the final stages with just some landscaping and driveway work to be completed.  The winning bid went to David Stalker Excavating Ltd.  with a bid of $212,670. (attached photos taken by Bob Ennis)
The watermain replacements for Chemoy Rd and Dogwood Rd have not been finalized. There were some additional requirements with the crossing of private land and these arrangements are in there final stages. This upgrade project has not gone out to tender as of this date.
Saltair Water Advisory Committee

8 thoughts on “Saltair Water System 2017 Upgrades”

  1. This is job #1 in my mind. Maybe a community centre or hall later but for now let’s focus on obtaining a safe and secure water supply.
    Gord VanDyck


  2. The water is being focused on the by the CVRD. They are currently drilling wells on crown land as an alternative to the expensive filtration.
    As for the Community Center. We have a building now we can use. Where’s your community spirit. Nothing a little TLC can’t fix. You don’t have to bring the building up to brand new standards like in the engineering report.


    1. We have a 67-year-old building that is possibly past its design service life now that is taking money away from upgrading our water system. A little TLC and $3 Million Plus.


      1. The water budget is a Different budget. There are many usable buildings that are old. The original building was used as a elementary school and was used happily by the people of Saltair when the tax payers subsidized the school district. Older Buildings are repurposed all the time. The SCC building is being used and maintained by volunteers and the staff of the ILM.
        Ladysmith and chemainus are growing quickly. Will we always be able to easily book times at the Frank Jamison Center? With our large growing demographic of seniors will we easily be able to book the Chemainus Seniors Center? Where will we hold our meetings and elections? Where will we meet in the case of a natural disaster? Who are we as a community?
        The center is being used. It is a multipurpose facility. It does not have a swimming pool and can hold its own with rentals.


      2. In 2012, when CVRD Electoral Area G Director Mel Dorey wanted us to pay for upgrading the water distribution system, he said, “… the reason we chose to go gradually rather than borrow the whole amount is because each year we can apply for grants – and some years you’re lucky and get one, so that’s money the taxpayers of Saltair won’t have to pay.” Last time I checked, the CVRD had approved spending $130,000 of our gas tax grant money on the SCS building. That looks like taking money away from our water system upgrading to me.

        I don’t hear everyone saying we don’t want a community centre. Most are just saying spending $3 Million Plus to try to turn this old, architecturally insignificant school building into a community centre is wasteful and unwise.


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