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Saltair Community Centre Building Condition Assessment Reports

The Mt. Brenton Elementary School property was purchased in 2014 without a referendum to house the Saltair Community Centre at an apparent cost of $300,000. It was bought without a full building assessment, which was subsequently completed on July 21, 2017. The total cost for repairs and upgrades as estimated by the engineering firm appointed by the CVRD is $3 Million Plus. The reports from McCuaig & Associates Engineering are available here and are also linked to other news stories on this site. Select these links to go directly to the McCuaig reports: McCuaig Report 170721 and McCuaig Gymnasium Report 170721. Select “Linked to Reports” above to view the other news stories linked to the McCuaig reports.

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8 thoughts on “Saltair Community Centre Building Condition Assessment Reports”

  1. Mt Brenton restoration a win! Consider my points:

    I was recently approached door to door about an idea to stop the existing CVRD plan to maintain the Mount Brenton Community Centre on South Oyster School Road as a long-term recreational, educational, cultural, and lifestyle focal point, for the enjoyment of the community.

    It was suggested to me that the 3 million dollar budget would transform it into some huge flashy, modern affair, some big centre that would have shops and traffic, and suggested that the plan be replaced with spending one million dollars instead, to tear down the old school, re-landscape where it was, and build a whole new smaller centre. This is a bad idea, in my opinion for the following reasons:

    One million dollars will not tear down the old school, fix the grounds, and build a new centre. 3 million in today’s prices will just barely be enough to make the existing community centre safe and pleasant to be in; there will be no “changes” as he fears. The building, when the upgrade is done, will continue to do what it is doing right now. This is not “development” at all, but a continuation of a good thing. There are no plans to add anything new. If this seems like a lot of money, in 2017 this really isn’t so: I own a condo, and all 50 balconies are being resurfaced and patched up right now. The cost of this little fix? $445,000.00. Three million to make Mt Brenton a true long-term community asset is just not very much compared to any other option. The professional consultants are correct here; I am happy to see the CVRD so well advised.

    Once the renovation is done, we will have a great asset to the area, one which cost $3,000,000.00 to preserve. After investing that much in the property, the CVRD will be unlikely to consider any new ideas in the immediate future about “tearing that old place down” and replacing it with “new development”.

    I was given the email address for CVRD Corporate Secretary (, with the idea that I should email him in support of attempting to force a referendum to stop the renovation of our community centre. It was suggested we should have our communication added as “correspondence to the EASC Agenda”.

    I would instead encourage those of us that that want to keep our community centre as a long-term recreational, educational, cultural, and lifestyle focal point, for the enjoyment of the community to email him and voice our support for the existing plan to keep it as is (but safe and repaired).

    D. Walters


    1. D. Walters,

      I can only assume that you had a say in the purchase of your condo. You made a decision how you wanted to spend your money. Saltair taxpayers have never had a say in the purchase of the Old School building and in how their taxpayers dollars are being spent when it comes to the building. A referendum will allow all Saltair taxpayers/residents a say in the spending of the Saltair taxpayers taxation funds and Area G Gas Tax grant funds on the building.



  2. Hello Saltairites,

    The CVRD plans to upgrade the Mt Brenton Community Centre is vital to our community. The building is currently at 80% capacity. The building needs minimal repair to maintain what is already clearly a successful use of an excellent space. The community needs a place to meet that is easily accessible by all who live here. I am old and I am angry about what is currently being said about our community centre.

    For the people who live in Saltair, the community centre offers meeting places, gatherings, and also provides a daycare. Under the CVRD plan, this will not change. The CVRD plan SOUNDS like it is designed to preserve the community centre. This is what I want. I do not want change. I do not want apartments or businesses in my residential area. I want to maintain and retain the lovely flavor and feel of Saltair as it is – rural, beautiful, simple.

    To begin, the plan is to fix the roof for $130,000 this money comes from a federal GRANT. There is no $775,000 to be spent? This is on the signage at every single mail box in Saltair. Why say this? Community input about Mt Brenton is typically housed In the Mt Brenton School. That is precisely why it is hugely important to us all: it is about OUR COMMUNITY. There is no plan to spend $3 million dollars. That point is taken entirely out of context and is not true.

    CVRD has rules that govern its behavior. It appears that their plans here will help preserve the Saltair that we all love. If we fight against this decision, it frightens me to think that other bigger and more disruptive development will come. One thing is certain – change is coming. Once CVRD is invested in our community centre, then it seems they will seek to preserve and maintain it. This is to our collective advantage.

    At this point there is much incorrect information being smeared across the community. I don’t know why that is except I am guessing some individuals do not understand the financial truth about saving the building. The other possibility is some of the naysayers have some commercial interest. For the rest of us mere Saltarians, the opportunity to SAVE and BETTER our own community centre for a cost that is covered almost entirely by a federal grant is intelligent.

    Fred Mitton


    1. While I respect Mr. Mitton’s opinion about the need for a community centre in Saltair and also “want to maintain and retain the lovely flavor and feel of Saltair as it is – rural, beautiful, simple”, this website is founded on the principle of “informed opinions”. Accordingly, I am compelled to address some of the inaccuracies in Mr. Mitton’s letter.
      The CVRD recently spent about $16,000 of Area G’s share of a grant from gas taxes for an expert assessment of the building and perimeter. McCuaig & Associates Engineering Ltd. (“MAE”) completed this assessment.
      MAE identified a plethora of necessary repairs and the need for additional assessments. MAE estimated the cost of these to be more than $3 Million if they were completed over a 10-year period. Tactically, MAE recommended spending $1,587,615 during the five-year period ending in 2021 with $737,436 of this amount to be spent in 2017. For planning purposes, MAE found the necessary repairs and additional assessments could be spread over a 10-year period at a cost of $3,073,593. The MAE assessment does not include the cost of all the additional assessments or any resulting repairs. MAE noted, “From our experience with building rehabilitations, it is not uncommon for some high price items to be completed in phases rather than in a single year. This strategy usually comes with a higher overall cost but the owners have the ability of spreading the costs over several years.”
      The most significant immediate cost was for roofing. In this regard, MAE said, “The roofs provided at SCC are predominantly low-sloped roofs protected with built-up roofing (BUR) and two-ply SBS membrane. The roofs appeared to be in poor condition with extensive moss growth, missing drain covers, evidence of multiple past repairs, deteriorating metal flashing and rainwater leaders, stains in ceiling and soffit finishes below, and bleeding, bubbling and alligatoring in the SBS cap sheet. We recommend all the roofs be replaced as soon as possible. Estimated renewal cost is in the range of $682,000.”

      We are not aware of a plan to “fix the roof” for $130,000. It would appear the only way to do this would be to ignore the expert opinion we just paid for and run the risk of gross negligence.
      We are not aware of any “naysayers” who have a commercial interest in promoting a referendum about spending more money on rehabilitating the building. Moreover, I understand most those opposed to spending more money on the old building feel the $3 Million Plus price tag is too high at a time when there are less expensive options and many millions of dollars may be required for water system upgrades and filtration.


    2. Fred Mitton
      The roof will not be fixed for $130,000 and I am not sure who told you this incorrect information. The CVRD is on title of the building but does not pay a penny into the building, repairs, maintenance, etc. This falls on the shoulders of the Saltair taxpayers.
      It appears that your information source may not be giving you accurate facts. Please take the time to read the full McCuaig & Associates Engineering Firm Reports to know the actual facts and dollar amounts.


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