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In the October 2017 edition of Take 5, CVRD Area G Director, Mel Dorey, said, “Unfortunately, there is a naysayer group of about six people who are out in the community trying to undermine the project.” Dorey’s estimate about the size of the “naysayer” group is as inaccurate as his perception of the group’s purpose. Currently, 10 Saltair citizens are knocking on doors asking Saltair citizens to sign a petition, which asks the CVRD to conduct a referendum for Saltair voters to establish if residents do or do not support taxation and/or grant funds being spent on repairing the building. If asked, they are providing what information they can about the expert, building condition assessment prepared by McCuaig and Associates Engineering Ltd. This is not a “naysayer” group. It is a group dedicated to democracy and factual communication. At this point, hundreds of Saltair residents have indicated they want a referendum and a clear majority of these persons have said they do not agree with the current approach.

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