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Saltair Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) Community Update

At the 20 Sept 2017 Electoral Area Service Committee (EASC) the Saltair Water Advisory Committee Chairperson made a presentation to the EASC Directors requesting the following:

“The Saltair Water Advisory Committee requests the Electoral Area Directors to direct the CVRD staff to prepare the documents for approval of the Electoral Area Service Committee Directors and the CVRD Board Directors, to amend Bylaw 3615 to include the time frame of 15 years and to specify the $300,000 increased taxation be used only for the Saltair Water System water distribution upgrades as was sold to the Saltair taxpayers by the CVRD staff and stated in the CVRD initiated Petition and the CVRD letter to Saltair taxpayers.”

The full presentation can be seen on the CVRD website under the Electoral Area Service Committee meeting 20 Sept 2017 video starting at approx 3 minutes into the video. The presentation document is attached.

This is the second time that we have made a presentation at the EASC to make these requests for Bylaw 3615 to be amended. The Area G Director Mel Dorey would need to make a motion at this meeting to have these amendments made but he continued to sit in silence. I was thanked for coming by the EASC Chairperson and returned to my seat.

We will continue to work on these amendment to Bylaw 3615 to ensure the commitments to the Saltair Water System Distribution System upgrades are eventually included in the Bylaw 3615.

Lynne Smith
Saltair Water Advisory Committee

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