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Is this the CVRD’s response to our petition (an open letter to our CVRD Directors)?


I was very disappointed to learn staff has recommended the CVRD spend $300,000 of Saltair tax and grant money in 2017 to maintain the old Mt. Brenton Elementary School building (29 Nov 2017 CVRD Board meeting Staff Report 24 Nov 2017).  This is only about 40% of what McCuaig & Associates Engineering said needed to be spent in 2017 and 100% more than Saltair wants the CVRD to spend on this building.  I urge you to vote against the recommendation.

On October 18, 2017, I presented the EASC with a petition signed by 628 Saltair residents asking the CVRD hold a referendum about spending any more Saltair tax and grant money on the building.  It has been a month and a half.  I am not aware of a response.

Before the property was purchased in 2014, Saltairians were asking for a referendum.  In 2015, when it was said updating the building could cost $1M, Saltairians asked for a referendum.  In 2016, when it became widely known the building contained an extensive number of asbestos containing materials and mould counts 55 times higher than normal, Saltairians asked for a referendum.  In 2017, when we finally received the building assessment we should have received three years earlier, 628 Saltairians again asked for a referendum.  Moreover, it became clear to those gathering names on the petition that the earlier polls appear to be correct, more than 80% of Saltair residents oppose spending Saltair tax and grant dollars on this building.

Even though the Board appears to be ignoring or dismissing our repeated requests for a referendum and to merely pay lip service to the need for consultation, I understand $154,649 of the recommended expenditure is “for removal and replacement of the entire roof system”.  Please note this is 48% of the cost of the least-expensive, uninsulated roofing system and 36% of the cost of the least-expensive, insulated roofing system identified by Westcoast Roof Inspection Services Ltd. in 2014.  It is also only 23% of the estimate provided by McCuaig & Associates Engineering Ltd. in 2017.  I trust the Board can see the red flags and will at least demand (or exercise) due diligence.


Gord Van Dyck

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