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$300,000 Bandaid on a Lemon

The Lemon will continue to deteriorate and rot. The bandaid will last for a while but it also has a life span.

The Former Mt. Brenton School (Saltair Community Centre) building was built during a time when asbestos was the king in building materials. When people walk down the halls they might take a look at the ceiling, walls and floors. The majority of those building materials contain asbestos. Now asbestos if fine if you don’t disturb it. Renovations are extremely costly when they involved asbestos abatement/removal/disposal by qualified professionals. Way more than new construction.

Many people in Saltair have expressed their concerns about the building and the deterioration of the building since the CVRD bought the building in 2014. The CVRD staff Report 22 Jul 2014 (closed session) recommended further assessments be done and there were Area G Gas Tax funds available to do the conditional assessment in Jan 2015. Area Director Dorey just needed to allocate those funds from the Gas tax funds to a conditional assessment instead of waiting for over 2 1/2 years later to do it and allowing the building to deteriorate for over 3 years. One has to wonder how much additional deterioration took place over those 3 years.

Director Dorey did say at the end of 2014 that his priority was getting the Society going and maybe he was to busy to have the conditional assessments done with the available gas tax funds?

Saltair already had a CVRD Saltair Recreation Commission and all it needed was for Director Dorey to pick people to be on the Commission. The building could have been up and running the 23 Aug 2014 if that had been done. Saltair has a Area G Community Parks Commission and they do a great job so I’m not sure why a Saltair Recreation Commission would be any different. Maybe the Recreation Commission could have been used until the Society was on up and running. The Commission vs Society really divided the volunteers who were wanting to get the building going but with the commission already in place it seems strange that Director Dorey didn’t tell them about the commission and let them all move forward.

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