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What about a new Saltair Community Centre building?

This would have been a great New Saltair Community Centre building design but Director Dorey was in such a hurry to spend Saltair dollars on the old school building he didn’t even have the CVRD Directors look at this option when he put his motions forward at the CVRD.

$300,000 would have gone a long way towards a new Saltair Community Centre of say $500,000. A building designed for the Saltair Community, built to current codes, accessible to all, extra plugs for the quilting group, large windows for the art group, maybe even with an ocean view, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, movable walls, commercial kitchen, would meet seismic regulations to be used as a CVRD Emergency Shelter for Saltair residents in the event of an earthquake and the pluses just go on and on. With so many volunteers in Saltair this would be an amazing project.

New construction is cheaper than renewal of an old building containing asbestos, mold and the majority of the building components exceeding their life span.

But Director Dorey was in a hurry and just ran with putting Saltair dollars into the old school building. Lots of people tried to talk to him and stop him. Over 1/2 the Saltair taxpayers/voters tried with a Petition for a Referendum to stop his hasty decision.

A new building like this as the Saltair Community Centre is something Saltair taxpayers could be proud of.


5 thoughts on “What about a new Saltair Community Centre building?”

  1. From my first exposure to this issue, I have had questions. I was astounded by the lack of professionalism, research and analyses. Who would buy a $700,000 property for $300,000 without considering the cost of demolishing or updating a white elephant? Who would invest in a building contaminated with asbestos, mould and lead paint without considering a new structure?


  2. This building is beautiful and should be presented to the CVRD over and over if that’s what it takes. Send this picture to the citizens of Saltair and then let them choose. I vote for this building!!!


  3. Get realistic! These costs are so out of wack! $500,000. I guess every one with an older home in Saltair should tear it down and build a new one instead of renovating. That’s what this article indicates. Try 3 million dollars for a new building. $5 million if you want one the same size as the existing one and $6 million if you want it as strong as the existing one! This is a lame attemp of pulling the wool over the eyes of the good citizens of Saltair?


    1. Tim appears to be out of touch with current construction costs. Nonetheless, the expert building assessment obtained by the CVRD tells us the cost of maintaining and updating the old school building will be $3 Million+. If the taxpayers in Saltair had a choice, I expect they would prefer a new building.


    2. The article indicates that this option was not presented to the CVRD Board. All options should have been on the table with costs for the CVRD Directors to make an informed decision. That is Best Business Practices. Even home owners must consider the additional costs of asbestos and mould abatement vs new construction costs.
      These are facts and not wool gathering.


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