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Director Dorey’s Take 5 Statement Untrue and Misleading

Quote from Take 5 Dec/Jan 2018 CVRD Area G (Saltair) by CVRD Area G Director Dorey

“Lemon: A resident filed a complaint with WorkSafeBC about a leaking roof. Lemonade: This changed the status of the building from a planned renovation to an emergency. This forced the Society to do the upgrades now.”

I spoke with WorkSafeBC on the 7 Dec 2017 and the representative stated that WorkSafeBC did not declare an emergency or urgent need to replace the roof and interior repairs on the building. He had examined the building and was not aware of damaged materials (asbestos) in occupied areas.

A WorkSafeBC notice is suppose to be posted in the building. WorkSafeBC is for employees.

Environmental Health is also looking into the building for public users.

The statement in the Take 5 by Director Dorey is untrue and misleading.

Submitted by Lynne Smith


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