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Hazardous Materials in the SCC Building

On November 29, 2017, all the CVRD directors who attended a CVRD Board Meeting, except Director Iannidinardo, approved spending another $300,000 of Saltair tax and grant money on the old school building.  $130,000 of this money will come from our share of the Community Works Gas Tax, $33,000 will come from our Operating Reserves and $137,000 will be funded by a maximum of $137,000 from Short Term Borrowing.

The results of three separate surveys indicate 80% of Saltairians think it makes little sense to spend Saltair tax and grant dollars on maintaining and updating an almost 70-year-old building containing hazardous materials like lead paint, asbestos and mould.  Last fall, 628 Saltairians signed a petition asking the CVRD to conduct a referendum about spending more Saltair tax and grant dollars for this purpose.  In December 2017, the CVRD Directors rejected this petition.

Currently, Hazpro Environmental Ltd. is working in the building.  The embedded pictures and reports suggest the roof is or was leaking above the ILM office and asbestos containing material (ACM) fell from the ceiling.  Apparently, Hazpro is containing and removing the ACM.

The cost of containing and removing ACMs and other hazardous materials is always significant.  We hope to see a detailed account of the amount Hazpro receives for this small part of the overall renovation.  However, Hazpro’s work at the site appears to prove the fears of the many are well founded.

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