Taxes & Grants, Water

Public Input, Really?

Currently, the CVRD is allegedly seeking public input regarding its Proposed Water and Watershed Protection Service (“PWWPS”).  I use the term “allegedly” because it appears the CVRD does not really want to know what most of us think.  To date, the CVRD’s effort to acquire public input regarding its PWWPS has been a review of comments submitted to PlaceSpeak by a relatively small number of people and feedback from the few people who attended four CVRD open house events this month.  The CVRD also states, “The public’s input and further recommendations will be considered by the Regional Services Committee at its March 28 meeting.”  These things won’t tell the CVRD what most of us think about its proposal.  We can assume the CVRD knows this.

The CVRD knows what a valid survey entails.  It commissioned one in 2016 called a Community Satisfaction Survey.  The CVRD’s failure to commission such a survey about its PWWPS, which may add $15 per $100,000 of property value to our property taxes and regionalize a service that could be provided and paid for separately in each participating area, looks like a ruse.  The CVRD has been accused of this in the past.  Has anything changed?

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