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Saltair Water System Flushing & Meter Reading

Saltair Water System Flushing Notice UPDATE for 19 Mar 2018

Posted by: 16 Mar 2018 Saltair Water Advisory Committee

The CVRD will be carrying out flushing of the Saltair water system Monday, March 19, 2018.  Residents may experience some air in the lines and discolouration of the water supply during these operations.  Should this occur, running a cold water tap for a short period will help to restore the water quality to normal.  Should the problem persist, please call Engineering Services at 250.746.2530.

Saltair Water Meter Reading

In March you will see CVRD trucks in the neighbourhood reading our water meters for your winter usage prior to your bill arriving in the mail.

You might want to fill up your water storage containers prior to your meter reading for use during the summer. This may cut down on your summer metered over usage billing.

The Saltair Water System allows 200 Cubic Meters of water for the 6 month winter season and then 200 Cubic Meters of water from the 6 month summer for the majority of the homes in Saltair. Meters are read twice a year.

Saltair Water Advisory Committee

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