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The CVRD has invited prospective bidders to submit bids for the construction of 2.5 kilometers of gravel trail along the E&N Rail Corridor from Cook Street to Old Victoria Road.  Construction was scheduled to commence in April.  However, the submission of bids deadline is April 18th and the construction agreement is expected to be executed on April 25th.

While this is welcome news, many think it is a shame our local politicians don’t seem to have the wisdom, will or ability to create an Okanagan Rail Trail on Vancouver Island.  Unlike the organization that created the Okanagan Rail Trail, the Island Corridor Foundation just does not seem to understand the economic and social benefits and opportunities arising from the conversion of an unused railroad into a multi-use trail.  Sadder yet, the Island Corridor is already publicly owned.  Unlike the Okanagan organization, we don’t even need to buy the property.

Please visit the following sites and send a letter to the Island Corridor Foundation asking it to do what’s obviously best for our island and its economy:  and

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