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SWAC Update

Saltair Water Break:

On March 22nd, many Saltair residents woke up to no water.  Just before 7:00 am, the CVRD received calls about the break .  It had a crew heading out at 7:25 am.  The break was on Seavista Road.  The break also affected homeowners on Olsen, Clifcoe and Seaview Crescent.  The CVRD was able to deal with the break and the crew was finished with the repair around 4:00 pm.

Thank goodness for the ditches in Saltair.  The water from this break flowed into the ditches and out to the ocean through the storm water outflow on Gardner Road. Previous breaks have caused massive amounts of damage and huge costs to property owners.  This one, luckily,  did not.

The Seavista Road distribution pipes are among some of the oldest asbestos pipes in Saltair.

Saltair Water Advisory Committee (SWAC)


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