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SWAC Update

Saltair Water System Update

From Saltair Water Advisory Committee (SWAC)

Lynne Smith, chairperson, committee : Stan Piper, Jim Whittaker

contact :

Saltair Water System 2018

Distribution Upgrades 2018 (ageing infrastructure)

  •  Chemainus Rd – Reed Rd PRV up to and including Southin Rd (Southin Rd will be optional work in 2018 depending on the budget) $665,000
  • Old Victoria Rd – Jackman Rd to the end of the line at the North Cowichan boundary $258,364

Groundwater 2018

The CVRD is looking at well water as an alternative to a filtration plant at Stocking Lake.

  • $200,535 is allocated for this project
  • Staged approach in searching for a sustainable groundwater source
  • Test well drilling to start in April 2018

SWAC will be holding an information meeting similar to the one we had last year for Saltair residents.   We have a lot of new information to share with you.

We are planning to have the meeting near the end of May.

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