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Meetings About Policing Priorities in North Cowichan/Duncan

The North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP and the Cowichan Community Policing Advisory Society want to hear from citizens.  Two open houses have been scheduled to gather the public input necessary for the Mounties to review their policing priorities and services.  Follow this link for information:

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Don’t Reward Bad Behaviour

The CVRD’s proposed new water and watershed protection service and tax looks like nothing more than a cash grab.  Some of the services the CVRD now wants us to pay for with an initial $15 per $100,000 tax appear to have been or are being provided already.  If they aren’t, we should expect them to… Continue reading Don’t Reward Bad Behaviour

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Public Input, Really?

Currently, the CVRD is allegedly seeking public input regarding its Proposed Water and Watershed Protection Service ("PWWPS").  I use the term “allegedly” because it appears the CVRD does not really want to know what most of us think.  To date, the CVRD’s effort to acquire public input regarding its PWWPS has been a review of… Continue reading Public Input, Really?

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CVRD Directors Deny Saltair Petition

On December 15th, CVRD Corporate Secretary Joe Barry sent an email to Lynne Smith.  In part, Mr. Barry said, “However, if you are still thinking that there might be a referendum regarding the Saltair Community Centre, the Directors do not support holding a referendum.” Before the property was purchased in 2014, Saltairians asked for a… Continue reading CVRD Directors Deny Saltair Petition

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Our Next Water Issue

A letter from the CVRD about our water system is enclosed with its October 2017, Semi-annual Water Invoice (CVRD 171011).  The letter explains Saltair must install a filtration system for its Stocking Lake, surface-water source or find another water source.  Three options are described: (1) Upgrade the Saltair water treatment plant to include a filtration… Continue reading Our Next Water Issue

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628 Saltairians Sign Petition

On October 18, 2017, a delegation of Saltair voters presented the Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC) of the CVRD with a petition signed by 628 Saltair residents, which had been produced in just three weeks.  The petition asked for a referendum to establish whether the community does or does not support spending Saltair tax and… Continue reading 628 Saltairians Sign Petition

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Saltair Community Centre Building Condition Assessment Reports

The Mt. Brenton Elementary School property was purchased in 2014 without a referendum to house the Saltair Community Centre at an apparent cost of $300,000. It was bought without a full building assessment, which was subsequently completed on July 21, 2017. The total cost for repairs and upgrades as estimated by the engineering firm appointed… Continue reading Saltair Community Centre Building Condition Assessment Reports