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Readers do not always fact-check articles written by their elected officials.  Area G Director Mel Dorey’s column in the March 2018 edition of the Take 5 magazine suggests we need to.  We need to keep our eyes open and our critical thinking skills honed. At one point, Mr. Dorey says, “In fact, the Centre is… Continue reading Doublespeak?

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Poll Results

For the past few months, Saltair News and Views has been asking, “Should Saltair citizens have a vote (a referendum) about spending Saltair property tax and grant money on renovating the Saltair Community Centre?”  We received 63 responses.  81% (51 responders) said, “Yes.”  11% (11 respondents) said, “No.” This was the second poll we took… Continue reading Poll Results

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Director Dorey’s Take 5 Statement Untrue and Misleading

Quote from Take 5 Dec/Jan 2018 CVRD Area G (Saltair) by CVRD Area G Director Dorey "Lemon: A resident filed a complaint with WorkSafeBC about a leaking roof. Lemonade: This changed the status of the building from a planned renovation to an emergency. This forced the Society to do the upgrades now." I spoke with… Continue reading Director Dorey’s Take 5 Statement Untrue and Misleading

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CVRD Directors Deny Saltair Petition

On December 15th, CVRD Corporate Secretary Joe Barry sent an email to Lynne Smith.  In part, Mr. Barry said, “However, if you are still thinking that there might be a referendum regarding the Saltair Community Centre, the Directors do not support holding a referendum.” Before the property was purchased in 2014, Saltairians asked for a… Continue reading CVRD Directors Deny Saltair Petition

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628 Saltairians Sign Petition

On October 18, 2017, a delegation of Saltair voters presented the Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC) of the CVRD with a petition signed by 628 Saltair residents, which had been produced in just three weeks.  The petition asked for a referendum to establish whether the community does or does not support spending Saltair tax and… Continue reading 628 Saltairians Sign Petition

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SCC Nightmare for Saltair Taxpayers?

CVRD Staff Report "Total estimated investment over 10 years is $3,074,593, of which $737,436 is recommended to be invested immediately" The CVRD hired McCuaig Engineering & Associates to perform a Conditional Assessment on the Saltair Community Centre/Former Mt. Brenton School.  Two reports were presented at the EASC 16 Aug 2017 meeting." Attachment A - Facility… Continue reading SCC Nightmare for Saltair Taxpayers?

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Is the CVRD’s Electoral Area Services Committee (the “EASC”) second-guessing its own expert reports?

On August 16, 2017, McCuaig and Associates Engineering Ltd. (“McCuaig”) presented a summary of its expert facility condition assessment reports regarding the Saltair Community Centre to the EASC.  In part, McCuaig: Found a range of conditions from Excellent to Very Poor with most appearing to fall in the Fair category. Found the oldest part of… Continue reading Is the CVRD’s Electoral Area Services Committee (the “EASC”) second-guessing its own expert reports?