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Saltair Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) Community Update

At the 20 Sept 2017 Electoral Area Service Committee (EASC) the Saltair Water Advisory Committee Chairperson made a presentation to the EASC Directors requesting the following: “The Saltair Water Advisory Committee requests the Electoral Area Directors to direct the CVRD staff to prepare the documents for approval of the Electoral Area Service Committee Directors and… Continue reading Saltair Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) Community Update

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Controversial Reflections

Earlier this month, SDRA President John Silins resigned.  In a memorandum, which can be found at,  He reflected on his eight years as an SDRA director and four years as president. In part, Silins commented on the CVRD’s decision to purchase the old, Mount Breton Elementary School and grounds.  He said, “Soon after the… Continue reading Controversial Reflections

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Area G – Grant in Aid Funds

Why should Saltair taxpayers taxation funds – Area G – Grant in Aid (collected on our property taxes) pay for “Take 5 – advertising fee for Saltair Businesses”? Take 5 publishes events for FREE. Who exactly made these arrangements with the Take 5? Should they not be paying for the advertising fee for Saltair Businesses?… Continue reading Area G – Grant in Aid Funds

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SCS Signs Lease and Services Agreement

In part, a recent post at says the Saltair Community Society is pleased to announce that an ‘Agreement for Services and a Building Lease have been signed with the CVRD.  The agreement and lease term runs until December 31st, 2018.  During this time, we will continue to work to achieve our goal of successfully… Continue reading SCS Signs Lease and Services Agreement


Donors Fund Bouncy Castle

Recently, a three-year-old stopped by the home of a Saltair Easter Event volunteer to donate money. The child donated $40 toward the cost of a bouncy castle for the children in Saltair to enjoy when they attend the Saltair Easter Event celebration. For almost 40 years, the Easter Event has been a Saltair tradition.  Each… Continue reading Donors Fund Bouncy Castle