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Poll Results

For the past few months, Saltair News and Views has been asking, “Should Saltair citizens have a vote (a referendum) about spending Saltair property tax and grant money on renovating the Saltair Community Centre?”  We received 63 responses.  81% (51 responders) said, “Yes.”  11% (11 respondents) said, “No.” This was the second poll we took… Continue reading Poll Results

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Saltair Water Advisory Committee Community Update (SWAC)

Our wishes to you and yours for a Healthy and Happy New Year! Saltair Water System Budget 2018: $258,000 of Area G’s 2015-2019 Gas Tax Grant funds have finally been moved into the 2018 water system budget. These funds were available as of January 1, 2015.  We have been waiting three years for them to… Continue reading Saltair Water Advisory Committee Community Update (SWAC)

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Director Dorey’s Take 5 Statement Untrue and Misleading

Quote from Take 5 Dec/Jan 2018 CVRD Area G (Saltair) by CVRD Area G Director Dorey "Lemon: A resident filed a complaint with WorkSafeBC about a leaking roof. Lemonade: This changed the status of the building from a planned renovation to an emergency. This forced the Society to do the upgrades now." I spoke with… Continue reading Director Dorey’s Take 5 Statement Untrue and Misleading

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Fake Facts

At the September 20, 2017 EASC Meeting, Area G Director Mel Dorey said in his opinion this is “a smear web site”.  He said people are telling him this site contains “alternate facts” and “fake facts”.  We strive for accuracy.  We are happy to engage in conversations about the accuracy of any factual assertions on… Continue reading Fake Facts

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SCC Nightmare for Saltair Taxpayers?

CVRD Staff Report "Total estimated investment over 10 years is $3,074,593, of which $737,436 is recommended to be invested immediately" The CVRD hired McCuaig Engineering & Associates to perform a Conditional Assessment on the Saltair Community Centre/Former Mt. Brenton School.  Two reports were presented at the EASC 16 Aug 2017 meeting." Attachment A - Facility… Continue reading SCC Nightmare for Saltair Taxpayers?

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SCS Signs Lease and Services Agreement

In part, a recent post at says the Saltair Community Society is pleased to announce that an ‘Agreement for Services and a Building Lease have been signed with the CVRD.  The agreement and lease term runs until December 31st, 2018.  During this time, we will continue to work to achieve our goal of successfully… Continue reading SCS Signs Lease and Services Agreement


Donors Fund Bouncy Castle

Recently, a three-year-old stopped by the home of a Saltair Easter Event volunteer to donate money. The child donated $40 toward the cost of a bouncy castle for the children in Saltair to enjoy when they attend the Saltair Easter Event celebration. For almost 40 years, the Easter Event has been a Saltair tradition.  Each… Continue reading Donors Fund Bouncy Castle